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FILD was created with a different thought in mind, to reinvent how people see recruiting today.

FILD is a different kind of technology recruiting firm. We know, we know... you've heard it before. Everyone says they're different. But, FILD truly is different. Why? Unparalleled Service, Insight, and Intelligence. Our awareness of what clients and candidates truly want and need from their recruiter enables us to provide superior results, and, simply put, do better. We provide impeccable service, invaluable insight and market data, and best-in-class knowledgeable recruiters to help make the hiring/job seeking process as effective, and even enjoyable, as possible. I know what you're thinking...enjoyable??

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Unparalled Service

What differentiates FILD is the quality of the candidates and our focus on the customer experience. Impeccable focus on details as well as fast response times contribute to an elevated level of service.


People don't look for jobs or hire every day. Access to market trends and insight is invaluable to making the right decisions regarding your job search or hiring strategy.


Having the right data is crucial to any hiring or job searching decision. FILD provides you with the actionable data you need to help make the best possible decisions.



FILD hosts and sponsors events in Los Angeles and New York City

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